After a 20 cents raise in public transports fare was anounced, thousands of brazilians went out to the streets to protest. But our riots go beyond 20 cents. Our country is facing corruption scandals, hyperinflation, high tax rates, precarious health care and education system, not to mention serious violation of the three powers (by proposals of taking away decisions from the Brazilian Supreme Court to the Congress) and proposed laws that will force raped women who got pregnant to have the child.

The riots, however, were entirely pacifist until the police attacked the unarmed protesters. People who were protesting, people who were simply passing by and even journalists were hurt. The police shot everyone in their way with rubber bullets. Some of them were shot in the eye. The police also fired expired tear gas.

It is very important to state that the protesters were not armed, were not “looking for a fight”. They kept screaming “no violence, no violence”, but the police didn’t care. Many of the protesters got severely hurt.

Our president has not yet said a word about it. We need the world to know about this. Please, spread the word.

Espero no Senhor com todo o meu ser e na sua palavra ponho a minha esperança.
Salmo 130:5
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